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敬致:所有SAFMA会员 / To All SAFMA Members 2017 年公共假期及各州属假期 Public Holiday & State Holiday 2017 – 21/12/2016


To: All SAFMA Members:  (English) Invitation to the 28th Anniversary Dinner-12/11/2016

pub_20160923_P.U. (B) 420 -13.42% 政府宪报:进口钢筋征税 13.42%-23/09/2016

pub_20160923_P.U. (B) 421 -13.9% 政府宪报:进口螺纹钢征税 13.9% -23/09/2016

SAFMA Rules & Regulations >>Chinese or English

Membership Application Form >>Chinese or English


GST Handbook 消费税手册

奖励金Educational Merit Award (EMA)2016>>EMA notice通告/EMA rules & conditions申请简则/确认书Letter Certify& Application form Aor form B

Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik Guidelines On Imports >> Download Here

MHMBA dialogue reports with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, regarding Certificate of Approval >> Download Here

1st August 2009, Liberisation of Steel Importation

Articles from SIRIM – Article1, Article2, Article3, Article4, Article5, All 5 SIRIM articles (ZIP file)

Articles from MHMBA – Article1, Article2, Article3, Article4, All 4 MHMBA articles (ZIP file)